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GABRIELA MONTERROSO (Guatemala, 1974) is a Houston based painter and sculptor

Guatemalan born and raised, Gabriela Monterroso is a multidisciplinary figurative artist,  living and working in Houston, with a continuing studio practice since 2012. While Gabriela's professional background is in Organizational Psychology and Spanish Translation, her true passion lies in the art world. She pursued her love for painting as a major at the Glassell School of Art, housed within the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston and  her studio practice is currently situated within the artistic hub of Sawyer Yards in the heart of Art District Houston.

The artist writes: 
’”My artistic vision is deeply rooted in the exploration of two profound themes: women and horses. Intriguingly intertwined, these two subjects hold immense significance.  My  depictions of horses are a creative expression of my own alter ego, representing the inner strength and resilience present within every woman. Working predominantly with figures, my intention is to create iconic representations of totems and amulets that offer sympathetic magic.  The textures in my work and the use of earthy and deep tones evoke memories of dyed textiles, the scent of incense, church icons, clay vases, and weathered sculptures.”

Apart from her artistic pursuits, Monterroso actively contributes to the local art scene as a founding member of Latin American Women's Artists in Houston (LAWAH). In addition, Gabriela is the founder and owner of Monterroso Gallery, a visionary gallery project, conceived in 2020 dedicated to showcasing emerging artists, embodying the mission of providing a platform for fresh talent to flourish.

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