#2 Steal Your Thunder:monterroso.jpeg

You know when you have done something long enough that it had become muscle memory?  My drawings of women and horses are big enough that when creating them my entire body is engaged in drawing the familiar shapes and lines that become meditational.

I always love the initial sketch of a piece. Then as I start adding color, things change. I change my mind then subsequently change the colors. Then I change my mind again and find myself editing in ways to get back to the initial drawing. People often ask me how I incorporate such rich textures into my art. The answer is: layers and layers of “bad” decisions that work for the greater good, I suppose. 
The power of femininity and the beauty of possibility  are main themes of my work. Through my drawings of women and horses I explore the power of femininity and portray the horse as an empowering alter-ego that overcomes self doubt and embraces possibility.