Woman’ has always been at the center of my work. I want to show her naked without clothes and ornaments.  I want to strip her off of myths and stories and show her most primitive form like in the beginning of time when in her creation she traveled from divine to earthly creature.  Clay figures and cave images keep me company.  I want to depict ‘Woman’ like in the beginning of humanity. No expectations or assumptions and with no language or nationality.

I want to unearth ‘Woman’ from the roots and portray her as she is, with the beauty and natural strength that makes her the mother of nature, the mother of chaos, mother of humanity.

I want to paint women from  the beginning of time when beauty was manifested in the most basic and natural form.  I want to paint strong women that are building a world.  Women viewed from the roots of the world we inhabit.  Universal women without borders.  I want to paint timeless women.


Gabriela Monterroso is a contemporary figurative artist in Houston, Texas. Working with oils, acrylics, pastels, and natural pigments, her work focuses in creating two dimensional figures of women and horses. The two main themes in her work are deeply connected as she explores the power of femininity and portrays the horse as an alter ego of power and confidence.  

Figurative artworks by Gabriela have been selected to be part of  group exhibitions including the Visual Arts Alliance’s  (VAA) “37th Juried Exhibition” in 2020,  “Withstand”—at the Holocaust Museum of Houston in 2021, and “The Glassell Connection”—at The Glassell, Museum of Fine Arts Houston in 2022.

Guatemalan born and raised, Monterroso is an active member and supporter of Houston’s art community.  She is a founding member of the Latin American Women Artists in Houston (LAWAH) and owner and founder of Monterroso Gallery, which showcases the works of emerging and established artists based in Houston. 

Monterroso’s professional background is Organizational Psychology and Spanish Interpretation and Translation. She is a painting Major from the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and her studio practice is a part of Sawyer Yards, in the heart of Art District Houston